NaNo shortscale bass


The PBSI NaNo shortscale bass was designed to be an easy to play instrument with no compromises in sound .
The design is based on a 30.29 inch scale length . This combined with selected woods ,quality hardware and electronics makes the bass sound as good as any longscale bass.

The slightly narrower string spacing at the bridge and a very comfortable nut width will appeal to regular bass players, but also to guitarist who need to drop some bass lines once in a while.

Pick playing, thump-slap -plucking techniques, fingerstyle, two hand tapping, all playing styles are welcome on these NaNo basses and your musical creativity will be translated into a punchy bass sound.

Custom builds based on standard NaNo models are possible. Please ask.

Check out the NaNo basses for sound impressions on my PBSI Youtube channel .

Played by Michel laredo  here and  here and Francois Garny here and here !!

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