nebula burl multiscale 27″-24,5″


The “Nebula Burl” is another ergonomic multi-scale guitar with 27″-24,5″-scale.
The fanned frets allow for a natural, relaxed wrist position. After playing it the first time, I was very surprised on how quickly I adapted to this beautiful fretboard. The blade-humbucker are built exclusively to the fanned fret design. The blades look more like frets.. PU tops matching to the fretboard (one piece), purpleheart. A lot of detailed work is done with the stunning poplar burl-top, what we would call "using the frog-hair-brush"...

A good example for unique ideas, ever seen a top stained like that ? Why ? It would be too expensive in mass production. That`s what the luthier is able to do for his customer. So, be my customer. :-)

And of course you can order a nebula based on your ideas. Any visions ? let me know...

  • multiscale 27″-24,5″
  • 24 frets
  • ergonomic handshaped design
  • 5prt neck: flamed walnut/maple/wenge, neckthrough
  • alder body
  • flamed poplar burl top/headstock
  • purpleheart fretboard, 12″
  • Schaller locking tuner, black
  • ABM 3210 single-bridge, black
  • 5-way-eyb-megaswitch
  • custom humbucker set „tyrfing blade“ , wound by „Rübezahl Tonabnehmer“
  • volume, tone, killswitch
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