Medium Pearl “Water is a human Right”


In General:

Flame2Fame Bass & Guitar Straps are handmade from up-cycled fire hose material. The proportion between length and width is perfectly balanced for heavy instruments and fit for any playing position. At home, in the studio or on stage, Flame2Fame straps are durable, comfortable and always unique.
Flame2Fame straps are manufactured in our workshop for people with special needs. All profits are donated to our social partners and institutions.

The Specifics of this strap:

This special edition is dedicated to our friends from Viva Con Agua, which is a charity founded in 2006 in the Hamburg quarter of St. Pauli.

Viva con Agua is a network of people and organisations committed to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. Creative and joyful activities raise awareness for the global issues water, sanitation, and hygiene (short WASH) and simultaneously raise funds for providing access to clean drinking water. The NGO started with a friend circle from Hamburg. Now their offices and locations are not just in Germany, but also in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Uganda and since 2020 in South Africa and California.

We provide two separate claims: "Water is a human Right" and "Viva Con Agua". Each sale includes €12.50 donation to Viva Con Agua.

With purchasing one of the straps, you are not only helping the environment by using an upcycled strap, but you also support local workshops for people with special needs. With this edition here, you additionally support Viva Con Agua and their water initiative. Visit:

The Features:

Material: Up-cycled fire hose material DIN 14811
Colour: Pearl White
Length: 120cm to 160cm, with 3 adjustments
Width: 6cm
Height: 1,2cm
Weight: 320 grams
Print: none
Handmade in Heidelberg, Germany at workshops for people with special needs

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