Orange Neon Double Strap


In General:

Flame2Fame Bass & Guitar Straps are handmade from up-cycled fire hose material.  The proportion between length and width is perfectly balanced for heavy instruments and fit for any playing position.

At home, in the studio or on stage, Flame2Fame straps are durable, comfortable and always unique.

Flame2Fame straps are manufactured in our workshop for people with special needs. Profits are donated to our social partners and institutions.

The Specifics of this strap:

The Orange Neon Double Strap is a selected piece from a fire hose and it has been kept in its original shape. Its double layered external material makes it soft and comfortable to wear and it provides a natural air cushion over the shoulder. Due to the fabric, air can circulate better than with many others bass & guitar straps.

The original and unique colouring with its neon elements makes this strap a real “stunner”. Since these type of orange neon fire hose is not commonly used by fire department, each strap is already a rarity.

The combination of special weaving technology (G&H 4Z system), high-quality polyester material and a special rubber compound leads to 5 times higher resistance to abrasion compared to usual DIN 14811 fire hoses.

Previously used with the fire department of Heidelberg, Germany, these types of extreme fire hose have been used directly with the fireman in the heat of the action. It has seen and felt the heat first hand, and it has already proven its robustness.

The width of each straps is 6cm, lengths are available in 120cm, 130cm and 140cm with additional three fixation holes to adjust further.

The Features:

Material: Up-cycled fire hose material DIN 14811
Length: 120cm to 160cm, with 3 adjustments
Width: 6cm
Height: 1,2cm
Weight: 320 grams
Print: none
Handmade in Heidelberg, Germany at workshops for people with special needs

Available online: <click here>

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