I only discovered the magical sound of P 90 pickups late in life. Like Telecasters, P 90 loaded guitars lived in the shadows of my Stat gems until Peter Weihe presented me with a tonal giant, a 1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop.


This guitar sounded absolutely magnificent! A little later I was able to pick up a ´53 P 90 from an old Les Paul and as luck would have it, an old friend gave me box with two ´50s P 90 pickups. These 3 old P 90s became the model for my SB 52 Set.


SB 52

My version of these pickups was inspired by te legends of ´50s Rock´n´Roll: Scotty Moore, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Muddy Waters, Hubert Sumlin - they all used guitars with P 90s. These pickups never fail to surprise with their prowess. With strong harmonics they drive the mids but also have a cool twang to the bass strings. In later years several rock musicians discovered the attraction of the old ´50s soap bars: Frank Zappa at the Mothers of Invention, Allen Wilson with Canned Heat or Dave Gilmour and his ´56 Les Paul Goldtop with Bigsby.


SB 62

The SB 62 Set focusses more on powerful. earthy mids and is ideal for guitarist looking for classic fat, mid-driven rock sounds with singing harmonics that can come from wound up vintage amps of the category Marshall Plexi, Fender ´59 Bassman or Vox AC 30. The ´60s P 90 sounds bring back memories of Pete Townsend “Live at Leeds”, Leslie West, Keith Richards, John Lennon, Johnny Thunders – the list just goes on and on! Blues players will use the SB 62 for slide orgies. What was that saying? Careful, hot and greasy.

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