PAF Humbucker



As a contrast to pickups for Strats and Teles, a plethora of components and parameters influence the sounds produces by Gibson Humbucker products.ach small metal component in the pickup has its effect on the frequency range on tap. I began to put plans together in 2003 for the production of the necessary components to fit my parameters. I looked for local producers with the necessary wherewithall to produce these parts and found precisely that. It was in the Spring of 2005 that I was finally able to construct the first Humbucker designed from scratch by myself. I did it for my customers from the outset. As I had only really got to know Peter Weihe´s 1958 Les Paul thus far and I am myself a child of that year, I named my first PAF Set HB 58.

HB 57

I have a particular soft spot for the HB 57 Set. A 1957 Les Paul Gold Top really touched a nerve for me with its dark and smoky tone. There was something more to it than with the other Les Pauls I had heard, something more weighty. Robben Ford, Snowy White and the legendary slidemaestro, Duane Allman are all famous masters of this legendary instrument. The neck pickup is somewhat lighter in tone with a little more clarity than the bridge pickup.

HB 58

Just like Peter Weihe´s 1958 Les Paul Standard, the HB 58 has a sparkling clarity in both the neck and bridge pickups. The neck pickup has a transparency which does not detract from the fundamental tone on tap. The bridge pickup is altogether more tight with a marked stringency in its presentation. I have often compared this with Blackguard Teles form the ´50s. Dickey Betts infamous “Jessica” sound is a good example of the elegant clarity these pickups provide.

HB 59

The HB 59 Set is my interpretation of the legendary ´59 PAF. In 2005 I had the amazing good fortune to be able to play a number of 1959 Les Pauls. I noticed how the tone developed in a very different manner from the ´58 Les Pauls I had come to know. These impressions led to the development of the HB 59 Set. It sounds more direct or rather more like earthy Blues and Rock with names like Eric Clapton and his Beano Sound, Gary Moore but also Billy Gibbons ´59 Les Paul, Pearly Gates and the sounds they produce. The set is also available as an LC version without caps in Zebra or Double Cream finish.

HB 60

A true philanderer is the bridge pickup in the HB 60 Set. Installed in a good Les Paul, just plug it into a Plexi Marshall and thrash out Paul Kossoff´s legendary “All Right Now” riff. This pickup is your perfect sparring partner here with a lean more to the Heavy side in comparison to the HB 59 bridge pickup without forgoing the required crisp presentation. A must-have for all you purists out there who are simply looking for the immediate slam you know your instruments can deliver.

HB 62

This new set has to be the first choice for all the fans of the legendary Short Magnet - Pat. Nr. sounds. It rocks with the raucous 70s sound and a liberal shot of the Glam and Glitter of the period. You want to cover the raw early AC/DC sounds as well as “All the Young Dudes”? It´s all there! The bridge pickup is the memorable lout, capable of those harsh, shouting tones. This bully is beautifully complemented by its earthy brother in the neck position which has a fist-sized surprise waiting for you: it is not only well suited to the Hard and Heavy Brigade, but can deliver a fine basis of wonderful jazz tones of the Wes Montgomery or Joe Pass genre.

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