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My experience in building one off custom instruments goes back about 30 years to the start of my career as a luthier.

Over the years I accepted design and instrument building challenges ranging from Guitars and Basses to the most bizarre multistring musical creatures.

This experience is a part of my life as a luthier and it was a challenge, but It teached me to reinvent myself continuously.
These days I like to focus on the building of my own designs with customising options.

A few times a year I will offer clients the possibility to order a complete custom instrument. The design becomes a creative collaboration between the guitarbuilder and the client.

Creative challenges have a certain price because of the one off custom templates and jigs that have to be built for them.

I prefer not to do plagiarism of other brand designs but classic or modern style mixtures can be part of the design.

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Check out these Video's by Daniel Romeo playing his PBSI signature Da Romeo longscale basses here  - here  -  here  - here

Please listen to Daniel Romeo's Album "The Black Day's sessions #1" recorded with his signature basses

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