Picks from wood


Picks from wood

My picks made of hard precious woods proved to be a surprisingly successful by-product. I offer them in the two thicknesses 1/8“ (2.5 mm) and 1/4“ (5 mm). The 1/4“pick is ergonomically shaped and can be adjusted individually - of course also for left-handers! By default my logo is milled in, but any other logo can be used as well.

Facts and figures:

Type: Pick made of precious woods

Material: ebony, rosewood, purple heart - others on request

Thicknesses: 1/8“ (2.5 mm) flat or 1/4" (5 mm) ergonomically shaped

Options: all, especially own logo or initials

Prices: between 10 and 60 euros

Sure, most guitarists and bassists can handle the standard celluloid or Delrin picks perfectly. In some styles, however, an ergonomically shaped, thick pick gives the right punch. Especially the Manouche-guitarists swear by such picks. They have a recess for the thumb on one side and a "groove" for the index finger on the other side.

The perfect angle

With off-the-peg picks, you have to take the shape as it is, even if your own index finger may be shaped slightly differently. The result is a pick that may or may not be at the perfect angle in your hand. I make my picks individually by hand and can therefore respond exactly to the wishes of the guitarist. On woods I use purple heart, various types of rosewood or ebony; other woods are available on request.

For those who do not need it quite so ergonomically, my 1/8“ wooden picks are an inexpensive alternative. They sound just as soft and acoustic as the thick picks, but are completely different in the hand.

The personal gift

By the way, all picks can be personalized with a minimum of effort. So if you have a logo or want to see your initials on the pick - here it is possible. By the way, this is also a nice Christmas present for every guitarist!

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