Picks & Strings


They have long since ceased to be an insiders' tip in music circles - with good reason: Maxpic picks are characterized by their special grip surfaces and particularly stable grip. This minimizes the danger of the pick escaping while playing.

Maxpic picks as well as finger and thumb picks are manufactured in Japan exactly according to our specifications. Maxpic picks are available with a rubberized grip (No. 5) or with a sanded grip (No. 7), in each case in three thicknesses (Thin, Medium Heavy) and in drop or triangle form. Maxpic finger and thumb picks are also available in different sizes and finishes. The Maxpic picks are available in well-assorted music stores. Our tip: just try them out!

The strings of Picato have had a brilliant reputation in the music scene for decades. One of the most successful Picato products are the Ritchie Blackmore Signature Strings (Nickelwound electric guitar strings .010 - .048) for the former Deep Purple guitarist. Many jazz guitarists swear by the Polished Chrome Tape Flatwound strings. Apart from that, the British manufacturer also offers acoustic guitar strings (Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze) in various thicknesses, strings especially for Maccaferri guitars, classical guitar strings, strings for banjo, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki and ukulele. Electric and double bass players will also find a wide range of high-quality strings with an excellent price-performance ratio on Picato. Single strings (for guitar and bass) of Picato are also available in music stores.

Double bass strings of the highest quality are supplied by the Innovation brand from the USA. In addition to classical and jazz bassists, Innovation also caters for rock'n'roll, bluegrass and psychobilly bassists. Whether it's the Rock-a-Billy Set, the Rock-a-Billy Red Set, the Super Silver Set, the Silver Slap Set, the Golden Slap Set, the Ultra Black Set or the Psycho-Slap Set - this target group is guaranteed to find the right strings for the right sound and for an incredible playing experience at Innovation. No wonder that the fan base of Innovation is constantly growing.

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