Plek Station


The Plek Station is a compact machine designed for use in repair shops, custom building and a range of other scenarios. It is a tool that not only performs precise fret dressing, nut slotting/shaping, bridge slotting and engraving but also helps with quality control and R&D.

The Plek Station‘s ingenious scan mechanism gives you a way of looking at a guitar’s fingerboard and frets in microscopic detail, as well as a way of working with that information. All scans performed on the machine are undertaken under string tension, either real or simulated, meaning that you see the contours of the neck and frets under actual playing conditions.This is a major breakthrough since the Plek illustrates precisely what needs to be done for perfect fretwork in any style, executes this rapidly, and delivers perfect results when the instrument is re-strung.

In repair, the station achieves superior playability and frees the technician from time-consuming and strenuous handwork. Viewing a Plek scan allows the user to decide between dressing and a partial/complete refret by showing exact fret heights and projecting post-dress results. For luthiers, the Plek Station speeds up the production process and raises the quality of instruments to an extremely high and consistent level.

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