We are happy to offer instruments
from five of the world's best bass luthiers.

Some of these instrument makers are true legends and pioneers in their field, others are too outstanding to remain an insiders' tip for the European market.

Their instruments benefit from passion, highest craftsmanship and maturity, because every
detail is well thought out.We are happy to offer the work of these luthiers in Germany and to
give our customers the opportunity to find instruments they might have been dreaming of for a long time.

All instruments of these different builders are fully configurable as custom instruments.
If you have any questions please get in touch with us. We will gladly advise you in detail.


Our master builder in detail:


Vinnie Fodera - Fodera Guitars  (Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY)

Vinnie Fodera, together with his founding partner Joey Lauricella, is one of the big names in the luthier scene Along with a few others, Fodera also took luthier work to a new level in the mid-eighties with his basses and innovations.
His basses represent top craftsmanship and highest quality and he is obsessed with details. Endorsers such as Victor Wooten, Anthony Jackson or Matthew Garrison prove this impressively.


L. Ellis Hahn - L.e.H. Guitars  (Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY)

Ellis Hahn from Red Hook, Brooklyn, is the new star in the New York luthier scene. However, this is not entirely correct, as Ellis has been working in Roger Sadowsky's workshop since 2006 and has become his right hand and a true Master Builder over the years.
2018 she founded her own company L.e.H. Guitars, which had their premiere at the Namm Show and Guitar Summit in 2019. Ellis’ instruments are exclusively offered by us.


Roger Sadowsky - Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.  (Long Island City, NY)

The second big name also needs no introduction. Roger Sadowsky from New York City has established his brand like no other and has done a lot of pioneering work. Whether with basses or electronics, much carries the signature of Roger. The list of Sadowsky artist is almost endless.
Fendt´s Finest - The Bass Lounge is the German Sadowsky expert. If you have questions regarding your Sadowsky instruments, maintenance or repair work, please get in touch with us, we will be pleased to help you.


Pete Skjold  - Skjold Design Guitars  (Warsaw, OH)

Pete is the second "insider tip" at Fendt's Finest. Pete builds some of the most spectacular basses we’ve ever played.
In his workshop in rural Warsaw, Pete builds his basses completely by hand. Although he is well known in the USA
and highly appreciated by all his colleagues, Pete is largely unknown in Germany.
We are happy to offer Pete's instruments exclusively in Europe and to debut with them in Germany.

Gregor Fris from had the opportunity to test our basses
and was completely thrilled. Watch his video here.


Michael Tobias - Michael Tobias Design (Kingston, NY)

Michael Tobias is another of the luthiers' veterans. Together with his son Daniel and another employee,
he builds his basses with his brand MTD in a small workshop in the woods of Kingston, Upstate New York.
Mike has been building basses for nearly 50 years and has a huge knowledge of woods, resonances and
constructions. Each of his handmade US instruments is a true masterpiece and reflects many years of experience.
He is one of the great luthiers who are a role model for many young instrument makers.

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