Our aged P-Style basses are an excellent example of how versatile we are in our Custom Shop and how accurate to every detail we build our guitars and basses - even if its about dings and scratches.

Our aging procedures of hardware, woods and Nitro-varnishes are quite time consuming, done by skilled hands in order to make those bassess not only look like played for decades - and treated quite bad for sure - but also sound real Vintage, too.

We deeply respect the world-famous companies which have written history in the past but It's definitely not our aim to build exact copies from the Originals. Much rather we let flow our own inspiration and let us guide from our imagination how these basses should sound and look.

You got to check them out and you will be amazed like many of our customers playing a Siggi Braun aged P-style bass.



Model: Preci-Bass (Sebastian Nöcker Custom)
Design: customized 4- String Preci Bass
Headstock: customized Preci (4L)
Construction: bolt-on (4-point)
Scale length: 34" (864mm)
Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Flamed Maple,
Width: 41,5cm - 74mm Thickness: 21 - 23.5mm,
Neckshape: D
Fretboard: Rosewood, Radius 10"
Frets: 20 Vintage Small (6230)
Pickup: Lollar Precision Bass Split-Coil
Bridge: Gotoh Vintage
Tuner: Gotoh Reso light
Pickguard: Aged white, 3-layers
Colour: Lake Placid Blue, Soft relic Nitro finish

Price: 3.300 Euro, incl. 16% VAT, Softcase, certificate


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