Sandberg California VM2 Darkhawk 5


We present a meeting of the giants exclusively at Musik Produktiv.

Yes, it was our idea to bring together two of today's most interesting bass companies. We had a modern bass concept in mind with an extraordinary sound concept. After many, many prototypes with different woods, bodies, pickups and their position, after several trips and meetings, we are more than proud to present our result.

The Darkhawk is - as the name suggests - based on a Sandberg Nighthawk, but is equipped with special pickup positioning, black label pickups and the darkglass preamp. Together with the choice of wood, a steam hammer of tone was created that leaves no further questions unanswered. The prototypes have already been taken as a new reference tone both at Darkglass headquarters in Helsinki and at Sandberg Guitars Braunschweig, there couldn't be a better accolade for us!

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