Slapcool – the bass


Der Slapcool SC5

The vision included a sleek modern look, forward, radiating power and harmony alike. Ergonomically up to the newest standards and with 5 strings. The padouk board goes all the way over the entire corpus and contrasts nicely with its red-brownish color to the base white glossy varnish. The board ends on the lowest part of the body in a small, tasteful offset of the corpus, visually as if it was hanging over.

The Slapcool SC5 is designed to evoke the joy of playing by giving the musician as much scope as possible. This especially goes for slappers, the fingerboard is not only optically connected and hence enables the players to strum like on a double bass as well as plucking the strings by using the "Slap-Hollow"

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the bass in action:


The new Slapcool SC4

„Back to the roots“ you could say.

The SC 4 is primarily made for the more traditional base player. Like its big brother the SC5, we have the 6x screwed, with ½ continuous, one piece neck, a dominant, continuous fingerboard, covered pickups and ETS single-bridges.  It looks quite similar on first look, but there is some quite fundamental differences.

Visually the SC4 is simplistic and harmonious with its semi-gloss naturally finished cherry wood body from the regional woods, as well as the ebony fingerboard and wonderfully grained curly maple neck.

However, the new SLAPCOOL SC 4 is a passive 4-string with one MM Triplebucker-PU and two combined Häussel PickUps underneath the fingerboard elongation.  This PU consists of one MM-Humbucker and one MM-singlecoil. Its set carefully to bring out the strong, typical sounds in combination with the unique Slapcool concept.  Its variable in height due to the special set-up and almost invisibly embedded into the fingerboard.

the bass in action:

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