SLÖ (Multi-Texture Reverb)


The SLÖ Reverb allows players to create lush, modulated, sleepy and ambient soundscapes.

The Slö Reverb is Walrus Audio's best-selling product practically since its release. Stocked with three different algorithms specifically designed to invoke textures for bringing dreams from your subconscious to reality.
3 different reverb modes: Dark (Lower Octave), Rise (Ambient Swell) and Dream (Latching Pad), while secondary functions on the switch change between different wave shapes for the modulation on the reverb trail. Combine deep modulation with long washy trails and experience, the Slö.

Also available: SLÖ RED
Strictly limited, anodized red edition to celebrate the very 1st birthday of our lovely Slö. Check our "Summit Special" Link below to e.g. obtain it from our Summit-partner Musik-Produktiv.


  • Combine three different Reverb-modes and three modulation-wave-shapes for the reverb trail
  • 3 Reverb modes: Dark, Rise, Dream
    • Dark: Lower Octave Reverb
    • Rise: Ambient Swell Reverb
    • Dream: Latching Pad Reverb with Vibrato
  • 3 modulation wave-shapes on the reverb trail: Sine, Warp, Sink
    • Sine: even pitch up and down modulation
    • Warp: asymmetric pitch up modulation
    • Sink: Asymmetric pitch down modulation
  • Sustain switch ramps up Reverb trail to maximum
  • True-Bypass Design
  • Handmade in the USA

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Tone Teaser Video

SLÖ brings whole different dimension of inspiration. Luca Rossi (FACE MI) perfectly shows in this video how to use the SLÖ on songs you wouldn't necessarily expect...

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