Spalt Instruments Hybrids


The Spalt Instruments Hybrids embody Michael’s sculptural approach to guitar/bass building and they are stripped-down to the ergonomic essentials. The Hybrid line celebrates the organic shapes and textures of the wood, the fluid reflections on the polished aluminum surfaces, the interplay between hard and soft, warm and cold.

Hybrids employ an aluminum skeletal structure with wooden wings and wood necks, which dial in the tonal color and are comfortable to play. The aluminum core imparts a warm tone and clarity to the sound. All metal and wood work is done by hand as with all of Michael’s instruments, and each guitar or bass is built on order to the customer’s specifications.

Hybrids models are: Matrix (guitar), Apex (4-string bass), Terminator (5-string bass) and in various custom shapes and specifications.

The gallery features various previously built Hybrids, for more images and information check out the website

If you are interested in more details please contact us to discuss options and your wishes. The base price for a Hybrid starts at EUR 5 500 incl. 20% VAT but if you place your order before November 30 we offer special prices as part of our 'Lockdown Antidote Offer', which is our contribution to brighten these dark days of stay-at-home orders and cancellation of events and concerts, where we could meet in person!

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