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"To me the shape of a guitar body is archetypical, a dynamic canvas with erotic overtones.  The influences manifested in the Totemguitar line, to date close to 400 instruments, go back to Dada, Surrealism, collage and assemblage art, Pop art and sometimes a more conceptual approach, along with the occasional dose of pure kitsch."

Totem guitars have become known as 'playable art'. Michael uses found objects that had a previous life, a history, to design the resin covered surfaces. In his inimitable collage art style, he has meanwhile created over 400 instruments, with an impressive range of guitars that range from traditional shapes to elaborate installation pieces merging instrument and background in matching designs. But the instrumental aspect is never lost, the mission to create a superior musical instrument for the guitarist.

All Totemguitars are handmade und unique, so they can also be built to the exact wishes and specifications of our customer.

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In order to brighten these dark days of stay-at home regulations and the impossibility to meet with you in person we created the 'Lockdown Antidote Offer'. Running until November 30 it offers reduced prices for available instruments and new orders.

Our friend and wonderful guitarist Leo Luca Bei took G2001 'Sylvester' for a spin, the videos are available here:

The image gallery features images of some of the currently available Totemguitars.

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