Spark 7string multiscale 27″/25,5″


The Spark is a very compact 7string multiscale guitar. The fanned frets allow a natural hand position, the wrist is not bent too much. Especially with the wider fretboard this is a blessing. The pickups are specially made, wound on Gibson`s legendary "Meteor ME301", which is known for perfect coils and responsible for the `59-Sound :-)

The stunning top needs no colour, just natural oiled. Smooth touch, open sound.

The controls are integrated into the body, matching knobs and a floating ring complete the picture with details. Here again the classic is used: Sanwa-Arcade Killswitch with a matching knob, best of two worlds... find it on the pictures ?

The neckthrough construction and the titanium rods in the neck give the Spark a powerful sustain. Power for djentlemen and djentleladys.

Very cool project, starting with a small sketch and ended up in this Djent-o-mat. If you have some sketches around, just let me know :-)

Don´t miss to watch a short demo on my facebook site. Use headphones !

  • neckthrough                         maple, wenge, 5 prt, titan inside
  • body                                       swamp-ash
  • top                                          maple burl, bookmatched
  • fretboard                               flamed maple
  • scale                                       multiscale  686-647,7mm  27"/25,5"
  • strings                                    7 strings, D´Addario NYXL1164
  • frets                                        24 frets, Boston Fretwire
  • trussrod                                 doubleaction, 460x6x9mm
  • nut                                          custom 7 string, ebony, from 1864 piano key
  • tuning keys                           1:16 Schaller M6 locking, black
  • bridge                                    7x singlebridge ABM3210b, black
  • strap buttons                       Schaller S-lock, black
  • PUs                                        custom slanted Humbucker, blade 4mm, matching wood
  •                                                 wired on a „Meteor“
  • volume                                  Göldo EL500 log
  • tone                                        Göldo EL500 log
  • switch                                    3-way Toggle, black
  • sillswitch                               Sanwa, custom knob, matching wood
  • output jack                            Zargenbuchse, shielded, black
  • shielding                                conductive shielding colour
  • finish                                      natural, Odie´s Oil
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