Spirit of 59


As the name suggests, the Spirit of 59 pickup embodies the spirit of the mystical end-50s humbuckers. Many analyses and repairs of old originals resulted in the concept for this pickup, which is a possible interpretation of this legend.

The Spirit has an incredibly fast response and a "sloppy" attack. Many components in the right dosage contribute to the unique sound result of the Spirit of 59.

For example, the coils are scatter wound and NOT wax potted. The result is an extremely transparent and dynamic sound without unnecessary capacitive resistances, which otherwise tend to steel high frequencies and dynamics.

Another highlight of the Spirit of 59 is the use of an authentic AlNiCo IV magnet, which was so characteristic for the humbuckers of this period. The AlNiCo IV magnet increases the definition (the sound is more "acoustic") and it amplifies the low frequencies so that the sound gets slightly richer.

The neck pickup sounds powerful, extremely defined and clear. It has a DC resistance of about 7.2 kΩ. The bridge pickup is moderately overwound and has a DC resistance of about 8.3 kΩ

Both pickups are wound with the historically correct #42 plain enamel wire.

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