After 3 decades winding coils I have to say: Putting together Stratocaster pickups is the height of our art in this business. All the parameters have to fit, as experience shows there are just 11 variables which can make or break the task.

In my early years I was completely blown away by the sound of my ´62 Alder-bodied Strat. I wanted my ´65 Swamp Ash-bodied Strat to sound the same.This in retrospect rather wayward project did lead to 2 truly satisfying results: I learnt a lot about Strat pickups and then developed my first pickup set. The Real 62.


ST 60

The ST 60 set is a true bestseller product. It is the perfect all round set and a homage to the best pickups on the famous Strats of the early sixties with their Rosewood fingerboards. The ST 60 covers all the bases allowing you to rock to the tones of Ricky King, Hank Marvin, Rory Gallagher, Mark Knopfler and even SRV. This is your perfect partner, staying well defined and offering excellent string separation even in highgain, compressed passages. As the Three Musketeers would have it: One for All !




My ´62 Stratocaster was my absolute favourite for many years and it is no surprise that my first Strat set should bear the name Real 62. These pickups are clean but fat and warm, they have much milder highs than the ST 60s but lose none of the pre-CBS shine. George Harrison bought an early ´60s Strat towards the end of 1964. This guitar war played on both the Help and Rubber Soul albums. From 1969 Harrison used his “Rocky” Strat for his crystal-clear, sweetly slide licks as on My Sweet Lord. If you savour these sounds of the early ´60s, you can´t ignore the Real 62 Set. As with all my other sets, it comes as purist straight or with the reversed middle pickup.




Jimi Hendrix played a 1965 Strat both on „Are You Experienced“ but also at the definitive „Monterey Pop Festival“. This in itself is reason enough to salute the legendary sounds with my Real 65 Set. The pickups on Strats from the period Autumn ´64 to the end of ´66 sounded milder and warmer with a more reserved presentation of Strat highs. This was the result of the Plain Enamel Wire with which the pickups were wound.

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