SWARM (Fuzz Harmonizer)


The Swarm is an Analog Fuzz Harmonizer that sounds like a thousand killer bees coming to get you!

It basically turns your input signal into a square wave, then multiplies and divides the frequency of that wave, giving you 9 possible harmonies in two different octaves. Modulation is applied to the harmonies making them go from a nearly perfect tracking harmony, to a wild and uncontrollable swarm of mad bees. The Swarm is best when played by instinct. Mess with every control until you find a tone that you like and let the bees take you to sonic places you've never been!


  • Analog Fuzz Harmonizer
  • Controllable Fuzz-level on input signal (WORKER)
  • 9 modulated harmonies to select (SPECIES)
  • Harmonies include Major 2nd, Major 3rd Minor 7th, Perfect 5th and multiple octave-options
  • Harmony level (QUEEN)
  • Additional sub octave per harmony (DRONE)
  • Set how fast harmonies follow playing (STING)
  • Set if harmonies shall “glide and hold” or “keep oscillating up and down” (FLIGHT)

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Tone Teaser Video

How awesome does the Super Mario theme-song sound when using a SWARM? Watch to the end of this video to find out…


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