Our amp kits are completely professional kits of classic tube amps. They contain all components, from the screw to the chassis, for your DIY-built of the most popular tube amp classics in the style of the Fender Tweed amps of the 1950s and the Blackface amps of the 1960s, or the Plexi amps in British design. All components are of highest quality for hand wiring on eyelet or turret boards.

Literally everything is included and only of the finest quality: ceramic sockets, TAD/Sprague Orange Drop or TAD Mustard Caps, carbon resistors, eyelet or turret boards, cloth-wire (push-back wire), chrome (for tweed amps) or aluminium chassis (for plexi amps), transformers, selected TAD tubes and much more. Even finger-toothed and tolex or tweed covered wooden cabinets -made in USA- are included.

The tweed is already treated with nitrocellulose lacquer, so that the finish corresponds to the real tweed amps of the 50s. Optionally you can also get the appropriate tools. All amp kits can be ordered fully assembled, ready-to-play: masterly handcrafted in traditional point-to-point wiring with all the experience of our master builder. All components used are from the TAD stock assortment and guarantee first-class quality and availability, should a spare part ever be needed.

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