TAD Range King – Power Booster


How does the RangeKing work?
The RangeKing is put between guitar and amp. When activated, it amplifies the signal. The gain can be adjusted with the GAIN control so that any amp can be pushed into distortion. Even the cleanesz amp can become a gain monster. To control the bass and to prevent the amp from choking at high gain, the low end can be individually adjusted with the BALLS knob. So, when the RangeKing is turned off, you can set a full clean sound on the amp and by activating the RangeKing you can create a fat but defined crunch sound or even real hi-gain. The RangeKing itself does not influence the sound! It remains completely neutral. The distortion comes exclusively from the tubes within the amp.

What is the RANGE effect?
If you play a distorted sound with an activated RangeKing, you can reduce the gain and the distortion by dialing down the VOLUME pot of the guitar without making the amp noticeably quieter. It is therefore possible to control the degree of distortion with the guitar's VOLUME pot, from Lead, Crunch to Clean. Only when you continue to cut back further the amp will become noticeably quieter. Of course, the RangeKing works with all good tube amps, including the classic ones. Most of them are single-channel amps with a good clean sound. Here the RangeKing conjures up the flexibility of a multi-channel amp without any modification within the circuit. The good basic sound of the amp is preserved as well as the originality.


- GAIN control (max. 25dB at 1kHz)
- BALLS control for bass
- Function LED
- Hardware Bypass
- Premium Footswitch
- On/Off switch
- 9V block battery (included)
- 9VDC connector for power supply (standard assignment: ground inside, 9V outside)
- low power consumption: "ON" approx. 5mA
- robust metal housing
- made in Germany at TAD


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