The Jensen D Series – Full Range Tone for the Digital Guitarists


Jensen Speakers have been the primary choice of many guitar amplifier manufacturers, from the very early days of electric music, until the late ’60s. As a matter of facts, the dynamic speaker as we know it, was invented by Peter Jensen, just over a century ago.

Generations of players relied on Jensen Speakers for their unique tone and generations of manufacturers did for their quality – and they still do today!

The C 12 D (with Ceramic magnet) and the N 12 D (featuring the Jensen exclusive Neodymium magnet design, underneath the classy bell cover) are 12” speakers, dedicated to transduce the “quasi full range” output signal of the digital, modeling, profiling and IR-based guitar systems, as well as of the acoustic instruments amplifiers.

Both models retain the core elements of the traditional guitar speakers, with lightweight cellulose cone membranes and integrated paper surrounds. Additionally, they feature a specially developed horn-like loading in front of the voice coil, that grants a frequency response extended well beyond 12kHz, ensuring a clear, transparent rendition of the reverbs, delays, and all other time-based effects, as well as of the rich harmonic spread of a high-gain lead sound.

Headroom and dynamics are delivered by the 2” voice coils, for a power handling of 150W AES (300W Continuous Program Power).

The organic, full range tone of the Jensen D Series speakers does not rely on complex, expensive two-way systems and crossovers, but rather on a finely tuned acoustic design and directivity pattern.

The Jensen Ds are as easy to use, to install, and as convenient as a traditional guitar speaker.

They ensure a familiar feel and response, while providing the Tone for the next generation of players.

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