The Wolfmeister Gig-Shell™ LESTER


The Wolfmeister LESTER is the super-deluxe protection your Les Paul, Jet, Penguin, PRS Hollowbody or small-bodied semi deserves... 

The LESTER is designed for guitars with a pronounced neck-body angle, and it takes all the luxury offered by the LEO and beefs it up to make sure that headstock is still affixed to the body when you undo the zipper.

There is more padding all round, plus a movable body wedge to support different body depths.

Like its little brother, the LESTER is available in canvas and leather, with hand-loom pattern lining or in a number of awesome interiors made out of soft jute, which, like the majority of the materials used on Wolfmeister products, it is sustainable, reusable and biodegradable.

The LESTER is priced from US$ 595 in a variety of canvas & leather combinations and US$ 750 for full leather versions.
There is also the possibility to customise your Lester in a variety of special leathers.

They are available direct from The Wolfmeister. 

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