The Wolfmeister’s Board-Feet


Made of powder coated aluminium, these feet are made to fit on any skateboard deck to turn it into a functioning pedalboard.

As with every Wolfmeister product, it is all about inspiring people, and being a launchpad for creativity… The Board-Feet come with skateboard bolts and fit any board, old school or new.

Using a set of standard wood screws, you can literally turn any plank of wood into a unique, great looking and perfectly functioning pedalboard.

Use your old skateboard, your grannie’s floorboards or your wife’s favourite cheeseboard. Get creative and have fun!

The construction of the Board-Feet guarantees that low-profile pedal power supplies easily fit underneath the board.
And at US$ 79.00 they are an affordable and fun way to rock out.

Available directly through The Wolfmeister.

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