Twang-Style Pickups and AlNiCo III Magnets


How much originality do you like?

Do you want your twang style guitar to sound like an early 50's one? with a touch of acoustic guitar that provides clarity without overemphasising the trebles? Or do you want a powerful twang style guitar with a great rock sound? or rather bluesy...?

You have the choice: Amber Pickups builds handwound single-coil pickups with AlNiCo V magnets for a powerful rock sound (Twangtone 50) or pickups with AlNiCo III magnets for the authentic and bell-like sound of the early 50s (53 Blackguard).

Amber Pickups has analysed original Twang-Style Pickups from 1952 and 1953 and offers you with the Set "53 Blackguard" a perfect symbiosis of historically correct specifications and modern requirements.

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