Premium Customer Care


The customer is the focus of our attention

Far too often, we hear about insufficient customer service.
However, the more individual the item, the more important it is to have personal contact
and the knowledge to have a point of contact whenever needed.

The future belongs to service and perfect customer care.
The future for customers of Fendt's Finest is called Premium Lifetime Service.

Premium Lifetime Service is a service which means that by purchasing an instrument, you are also
purchasing the insurance for a lifetime of flawlessly functioning instruments.
A fully comprehensive insurance for your bass.

Premium Lifetime Service includes:

  • Setup of your bass (truss rod adjustment, intonation, action)
  • Cleaning and maintenance of instrument and electronics (polymer sealing of potentiometers)
  • Maintenance work (check of bridge, neck, electronics etc.)
  • Restring your bass

Other services of our workshop:

  • Repair of electronics and pickups, mechanics etc.
  • Especially for your own basses: "Pimp your Bass!" (replacement of electronics and pickups, tuning machines etc.)

Contact us also for all other repair or restoration work.
Our partner workshop will take care of this work.


A changed world and a new consulting concept

The Webcamp marks the launch of our new consulting concept, which enables us to care for our customers
without physical presence.

Get in touch with us for any question about your bass. No matter if it was bought at our store or not. Starting
from now it is possible to contact us by phone or email and also via video chat. If you have any questions regarding
equipment (including amps, speakers etc.) or about small repairs or adjustments that you would like to do yourself
you are welcome to contact us.

For our existing customers the complete service is of course free of charge, for small problems or questions
we offer our video chat for bassists who are new to Fendt's Finest for free as well.

Our customer care is provided in English or German language
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