What can you expect from the Web Camp?

The Guitar Summit Web Camp basically consists of three main components:

A moderated Guitar Summit Live Stream lasting several hours, the virtual brand stands and the workshop program – each with extensive interactive elements!

The Live Stream

The Guitar Summit team produces a moderated live stream from the studio – all around an interactive program full of guitars, basses, pedals, amps and accessories.

In interviews, geartalks with guests (live and via videoconferencing), editorial contributions, workshops and discussion rounds we inspire the community. In addition, we actively integrate renowned YouTubers into the live stream, who help shape the program.

A live chat function transforms viewers into active event participants.

The Workshop Program

As with the analog Guitar Summit, the extensive workshop program is the main focus of the Guitar Summit Web Camp, with the difference that the workshops are not held on stages, but on theme channels – from electric guitar to bass and acoustic.

The topics are so diverse that there is something for everyone – beginners or professionals – from playing techniques and practice, songwriting and recording to buying advice or technical advice.

A specially created forum accompanies the workshop program. There you can talk with the instructors or artists about the respective workshop topics. This forum also serves as a platform for networking and exchange among the participants.

The virtual brand stands

On the virtual brand stands you will be informed about all news of the respective brand. This is where the exhibitors present their new products, highlights and classics in text, pictures, sound and video. The individual workshops can also be called up here. In addition, there are various interactive tools on the brand stands, from competitions to text and chat functions, with which you can get in direct contact with the  exhibitor.

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