Z-Lectro Bass


This classic long scale style instrument is based on an offset classic bass shape.
When you play it for the first time it will feel and play like a very well built vintage bass.

The Z-Lectro bass features a lot of vintage specs mixed with some modern ideas that make it more efficient to play.
The PBSI headstocks are designed for balance and an efficient string guidance towards the tuning machines. This is important for a defined vintage bass sound.

Standard headstock is a 2+2 but a compact 4 inline and custom are an option.

The classic model has a 60 ies pickup placement which will give you a range of traditional sounds.

Different pickup types, shapes and pickup placements are available and this way the Z-lectro bass can have lots of different sound identities.

Standard pickup choices are Nordstrand, TV Jones and Custom wound Z&O handmade pickups. Other brands are available by request. The Z-Lectro is a passive bass, but selected Preamps can be offered.

Quality hardware, components and electronics are used on all the instruments. Hipshot USA, Emerson, CTS, Switchcraft, orange drop caps, vintage cloth wiring, etc. are some of the brands I like to use.

Custom builds based on standard Z-Lectro models are possible. Please ask

Check out these Video's by Daniel Romeo playing his PBSI signature Da Romeo longscale basses here  - here  -  here  - here

Please listen to Daniel Romeo's Album "The Black Day's sessions #1" recorded with his signature basses

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